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Sponsoring the LGSRG

The Local Government Spatial Reference Group is a MAV committee of GIS leaders and officers throughout the Victorian LGA sector seeking to represent LGA GIS services as a single entity and uplift capability in an ever-changing landscape. LGSRG is led by the strategic vision from its new Strategy:

“The Local Government Spatial Reference Group (LGSRG) is the voice for Local Government Spatial (GIS or geospatial) professional community.

The LGSRG commit themselves to represent the Local Government Spatial sector (GIS community).”

The LGSRG leads a program of work including the following key activities.

Spatial Capability Program

“Spatial Capability Workshops” and “Good Practice Benchmark” Survey aid Councils to share, learn, network, adopt, and measure. The events form part of a system to uplift capability across the sector.

2022 Spatial Capability Workshops were run as a mix of an online webinar and four in-person workshops.

Victorian Geospatial Sector Engagement

LGSRG represents Victorian LGA services to other levels of government to advise, lobby, and manage change affecting LGA geospatial services.

LGSRG is also a conduit for LGA GIS teams to communicate and engage within their own sector. LGSRG can release surveys, distribute communication, and engage in LGA User Group meetings to provide sector updates.


Current engagement topics include:

  • Digital Cadastre Modernisation (DELWP / LUV) - Major Impact on LGAs

  • Improving Vicmap Maintenance (DELWP / ESO) - Major Impact on Emergency Services Organisations with LGAs as key data custodian.

  • Digital Twin Victoria (DELWP / DTV) - Major Impact on Victorian Smart Cities and Geospatial Sector

  • Vicmap as a Service/Datashare (DELWP / LUV) - Medium Impact on LGAs

How is my sponsorship used?

The LGSRG uses sponsorship for:

  • Running the ‘Good Practice Framework’ Survey

  • Running four Capability Workshops throughout the state

  • Strategy development and implementation activities

  • Advisory services

  • Website hosting

  • MAV services including Insurance, Governance, and Finance

The LGSRG is not funded by MAV, only via direct LGA subscriptions. Subscription fees help us deliver services to all LGAs and on behalf of all LGAs.

To support the LGSRG please ensure you have budgeted for subscription. If you require help to justify the budget item please contact the LGSRG.

If you have any questions for the Local Government Spatial Reference Group, please get in touch.

Thank you,

Rob Sisterson, Chairperson, LGSRG

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