Sponsoring the LGSRG

The LGSRG delivers two main initiatives, the Good Practice Framework Assessment and the Spatial Capability Workshops, during each financial year as well as a number of other on-going and ad-hoc outputs.

Sponsorship of the LGSRG brings a number of benefits to councils and allows the LGSRG to continue to deliver it's two main initiatives. 


All Councils

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Good Practice Framework Assessment council specific report

MAV project representation

DELWP project representation

Industry profile-raising

Good Practice Framework Assessment 

The purpose of the Good Practice Framework (GPF) is to assist Councils in assessing their awareness and level of adoption of sector-wide accepted ‘good practices’. The GPF is based on the Spatial Capability Framework (see below).

The GPF Assessment takes the form of an annual sector-wide survey. The majority of survey questions are retained each year to enable comparisons to be made over time.


The GPF currently focuses on five areas of proficiency relating to Council practices (see below). The type of spatial technology used by Council is not relevant. 

All participating councils recieve a state-wide report detailing the current position of the sector with comparisons to previous years results.


Councils who sponsor the LGSRG also recieve a report that details their council's result with comparisons to the whole of the state as well as their own previous years results.

Rural City of Wangaratta find the GIS Good Practice survey a valuable tool in understanding how we are performing, not only to like councils but also across the state average. Local Government customers no longer see themselves as “just rate payers” and expect the same level of service and experience as our commercial counterparts and information and technology is the key to bridging this gap. The GPF provides the insights needed to make informed decisions on where we need to invest our time and resources, including investment, to ensure we are meeting these growing customer needs.

Suzanne Fisher

Manager - Customer and Information Services, Rural City of Wangaratta

Cardinia’s annual membership of $1000 provides us access to the LGSRG Good Practice Framework Survey and Report. I estimate this report to be worth $5-10K of value if we were to commission it by ourselves. The report  provides a great baseline for our corporate GIS state with respect to the local government sector. It highlights opportunities and can easily define the strategic approach we need to take to mature our spatial relevance. It can be simply used to bring executive awareness to GIS status. It can also be used to influence decision makers. Finally it provides an historical view of how we are tracking against any actions and goals we might have defined inside or outside the framework, and the benefits of the associated actions.

From my perspective the report alone is worth membership of the LGSRG.

David Jackson

Information Services Manager, Cardinia Shire Council

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Spatial Capability Workshops

The Spatial Capability Workshops provide an opportunity for local government spatial professionals to give feedback to the sector and to learn about new and emerging trends in our industry.

The workshops are held in a number locations such as Ararat and Benalla, Nunawading and Melbourne CBD. The workshops are independently facilitated and previous workshops have covered topics such as:


  • Cloud and shared services

  • Open data

  • GovHack

  • User success stories

  • Community engagement tools

  • Future trends and common challenges

All local government spatial professionals are welcome to attend the workshops. The value of the workshops in increased with every council that is represented, therefore, sponsorship of the LGSRG is not a requirement for attendance.